Parley Vox Survey Platform

Starting with a realization that municiple governments are actively looking for innovative solutions to citizen engagement and analysis we created Parley AI to help target desired audiences quickly and cost effectively. Then pairing it with cutting edge analysis and natural language processing to give cities deeper insights in the the abundant data they collect.

Redivus Health

For two full years my entire focus was on creating a stunning visual identity, user experience flows for complex medical algorithms, and user interface components in React-Native and React.js for a truely cutting edge Medical Diagnostic Aid.

On the back of award winning design and user experience we were able to create significant improvements to medical outcomes for patients.

Level One Game Shop

Starting as a 'what if' moment with a good friend in a coffee shop, we quickly realized there was a dire need for a dedicated Tabletop Board Game Retailer in the Urban Core of Kansas City. So we built one! Starting from humble beginnings in a 500 square foot stall in the city market, we've quickly grown to take up 3000 square feet with every kind of game imaginable, have begun to publish our own games and apparel, and begin the process of selling certain items online. Merging tech with mortar while introducing KC to the games we love! See more about Level One Game Shop.

Whiskey Tango KC

This project was all about capturing the feel of a huge country bar and music venue in an updated website. Highlighting some amazing photography and the concerts and specials, the new whiskeytangokc.com does just that.

GHG: Social Media Analysis

As part of GHG's partnership with IBM Watson, we had the opportunity to use any of their AI, NLP, and Computer Vision API's to build prototype apps to sell the services to clients. While the service itself ended up being a bit of a bust, we did accidentally invent the best way of viewing Twitter that I've ever found. The Social Media Analysis Tool was intended to help drug companies quickly figure out how badly their drugs were getting trashed on twitter and respond to growing negative sentiment. Unfortunately all tweets about drugs and drug companies are incredibly negative, as we probably should have expected. But the dashboard in addition to being really something to look at thanks to my efforts provides all kinds of useful data about topics and participants that makes one wonder what the hell twitter is doing where it can't use this data better.

1 Billion Bits

Part of my work of being an advocate and organizer of Kansas City's startup community is making sure those organizations look as good as they deserve. 1 Billion Bits as a grass roots organization to find creative ways to use gigabit fiber connectivity brought a lot of industry icons and luminaries to KC around the excitment of our fastest in the nation internet. The branding I did here was all about how 1 billion bits were still all about connecting two people within a community.

This project was a custom .Net application that also served as a video management application for the archived talks.

OffKey KC: Karaoke Suites

My last hurrah as a freelance developer, this project started as an informational website for their unique Karaoke experience. And grew to include custom integrations to a backend reservation dashboard and song look up library. Getting a little old today, but still love how I was able to match their look and provide real business value. See Offkey KC.